Karate Kids

Our dojo (martial arts school) teaches Yoshukai Karate classes for kids which meet every day except Sunday, for kids ages 6-12. All classes are taught by certified World Yoshukai Black Belts. Students begin at white belt and can attain the black belt in 4 to 5 years, training at least twice a week. All testings are overseen by head instructor, sixth degree black belt, Shihan Gerry Blanck.
Yoshukai means “strive for excellence” in Japanese. Students of Yoshukai Karate learn the 5 Precepts, which help them along this path:

1. Respect and Manners
Hitostu – Reigi o omonzubeshi

2. Be Prudent in Action
Hitostu – Taido o imashimubeshi

3. Be Prudent in Speech
Hitostu – Gengo o tsutsushimbeshi

4. Keep High Spirited
Hitostu – Iki o sakan ni subeshi

5. Keep Yourself Clean
Hitostu – Seiketsu o mune to subeshi

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