Summer Martial Arts and Sports Camp Monday, June 19 – Friday, August 11th, 10am – 3pm Daily!!!

April 14, 2016


Kids Martial Arts and Sports Camp

Monday, June 19 – Friday, August 11th, 2017

10 am to 3 pm DAILY!!!!


Ages 4 – 12 years old


  • Karate
  • Kickboxing
  • Martial Arts Movies
  • Video Games
  • MMA
  • Weapons Training
  • Fun and Games at the Palisades Park
  • Field Trips (bowling, Movie Theaters, Palisades Swimming Pool, etc.)







Specific Schedule break downs TBA closer to actual camp dates (includes weekly breakdown, daily activities, and specific activities and locations as well as field trips)


Monday, July 17 – Karate and sports activities

Tuesday, July 18 – Pool Day

Wednesday, July 19 – Karate and movie Day

Thursday, July 20 – Karate and Sports Activities

Friday, July 21 – Field Trip to the Beach (Tower 15 Will Rogers State Beach)

We are proud to have Sensei Lise Borja as our Karate Camp Director. She has been the playground supervisor for Marquez Charter Elementary for more than 20 years, as well as the STAR Enrichment Karate Teacher at both Marquez and Palisades Elementary for more than  20 years as well.  Lise has also been the P.E. (Physical Education) teacher at Marquez for the past 6 years.

CAMP RATES if you pre-register by Mon. May 15th

$60/day (1 – 9 days)

$50/day (10 – 19 days)

$40/day (20 or more days)

(There is no registration fee, but CAMP SHIRTS ARE MANDATORY for participation.  Anyone Pre-Registered for at least 5 days gets a free T-shirt)

Days can be used anytime during the 8 week series and do not have to be used in succession!

Early drop off times available by appointment for $10/hour

  Fee does not include lunch. You can pack a lunch or bring money for Garden Cafe orders.

Click Here To Download Camp Enrollment Form

The Gerry Blanck YouTube Channel

February 10, 2015

Exciting news!!!

The Gerry Blanck Martial Arts YouTube channel is now up.  Check it out!!!

Gerry group seminar 2013

 Gerry Blanck’s YouTube Channel

Summer Seminar Schedule, August 12th!!!

June 18, 2014

World Yosukai Karate - Kobudo Organization

To all Yoshukai students and parents: We are having our annual Summer Seminar/Workout in the Palisades. It will be a great time to come train and meet both of the World Yoshukai Karate Kobudo Organization Directors, Mr. Toyama (8th Degree Black Belt) and Mr. Culbreth (8th Degree Black Belt), along with other visiting high- ranking Black Belts from across the U.S.A.

Traditional white uniforms (gi) must be worn during the workout.  All kids that participate in the Seminar will receive a karate medal.  The cost for the whole day is $50 per person, $85 for two, and $100 for three or more. 

The Summer Seminar/Workout will culminate with a party at the Pearl Dragon (Celebrating Sensei Gerry Blanck’s 35th year anniversary of being in the Palisades).


Saturday, August 12th


10:00 to 1:00 pm – Workout with the visiting Yoshukai Black Belts and Masters


7:30 p.m.  – Dinner at the Pearl Dragon. 15229 Sunset Blvd., Pacific Palisades CA 90272

9:00 p.m.  – Party starts with DJ and Dancing!!



Hope to see you all there, OSU!!!!

Sensei Gerry Blanck


Yoshukai Karate

New Videos Showcasing Gerry Blanck’s Martial Arts Center

July 17, 2013

FAME Video about Gerry Blanck

Summer Slam 2013 Video

Annual Summer Seminar

2013 Video:

Otomix Commercial

Video (featuring Gerry Blanck):

Palisades Patch: 30 Years in the Palisades for Gerry Blanck

July 30, 2012

To commemorate his accomplishments and his dedication, the Palisades Patch did an interview with Gerry Blanck.  The 30 Year resident has been a pillar of the community and continues to touch the lives of everyone around him.

Check out this link:

Traditionz Commercial

June 22, 2012

Karate Kids Traditionz Commercial

at the Dojo…

Samurai Sword Seminar: Every Saturday, 12:00-2:00 p.m. (except 2nd Sat. of the month, it is 2-4 pm)

June 4, 2011

Monthly Samurai Sword TrainingFlashing Steel

Mastering Eishin-Ryu Swordsmanship

Gerry Blanck’s Martial Arts Center is now offering Samurai Sword classes and special 2-hour seminars monthly by:

Master Masayuki Shimabukuro

Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu Iaido (Iaijutsu) is the Japanese martial art of swordsmanship which emphasizes drawing and cutting with the samurai sword (called a ‘katana’) in a single fluid motion. Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu is a ‘koryu bujutsu’ (which means ‘traditional martial art’) with a direct liniage back over 450 years to its founder, Hayashizaki Jisuke Shigenobu, who developed this particular style of swordsmanship.

The Jikishin-kai honbu dojo emphasizes traditional practices and application of the techniques of the Muso Jikiden curriculum. This curriculum encompasses the practice of waza (solo techniques of which there are over 40), katachi (paired patterns using a wooden sword or ‘bokken’), and also tameshigiri (test cutting using a live/sharp sword on rolled mats). These three components serve to reinforce and improve the other to make the student of Iaijutsu aware of proper body mechanics, focus, and technique for the effective use of the sword. All three of these, plus the integral observance and practice of sincere etiquette make up the core curriculum of our dojo.

As chairman of both the Jikishin-Kai International and the Nippon Kobudo Jikishin-Kai, Masayuki Smimabukuro Hanshi holds a great deal of personal responsibility for passing on the ancient traditions of Japanese martial arts to the modern world. Masayuki Hidenobu Shimabukuro Hanshi was born in March 1948 in Osaka, Japan

His interest in martial arts began as a teenager, when he studied Judo, Karate-do, Okinawan Kobudo weapons and other traditional Japanese martial arts. He achieved dan ranking in several o these arts before focusing his attention predominantly on Iaido (or Iaijutsu), the art of Samurai swordsmanship.

Shimabukuro Hanshi began his sword training in 1975 under the direct supervision of Miur Takeyuki Hidefusa, Hanshi, 20th generation grandmaster of Muso Jikiden Eishin-Ryu in Osaka, Japan. Shimabukuro Sensei was appointed Kokusai Bucho (International Chairman) of the Nippon Kobudo Jikishin-kai by Miura Hanshi, and entrusted with dissemination of authentic Eisin-ryu Samurai swordsmanship worldwide, outside of japan. Since that appointment, Shimabukuro Sensei has traveled throughout the world teaching Muso Jikiden Eishin-ryu Iaido, Shindo Muso Ryu jojutsu and other traditional Samurai arts. He has established Jikishin-Kai International Training Groups and member schools in Europe, North America, South America, Central America, Asia and Australia.

Shimabukuor sensei is the senior-most student of Miura Takeyuki Hanshi and is presently the highest ranked member of the Nippon Kobudo Jikishin-kai under Miura Sensei in the world. He is also a direct student of Kenzo Mabuni, the present Grandmaster of Shito-Ryu Karate do Kai.

Masayuki Shimabukuro is presently ranked 8th dan in Muso Jikiden Eishin_ryu Iaido (Iaijutsu), 7th dan in Shindo Muso-Ryu Jojutsu, 7th dan Nippon Karate-do-Kai and holds the coveted title of Hanshi. Hanshi is the highest title one can achieve in the Traditional Japanese Martial Arts.

Black Belt Workout: Sat. July 8th, 2017, 12:00-2:00 p.m.

June 4, 2011

Don’t miss the Black Belt Seminar!3313028730_86890df667



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March 5, 2011


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Take a Virtual Tour of our Dojo

June 30, 2009

3312200631_58323ba7ccCome and enter Gerry Blanck’s Martial Arts Center through this virtual tour.

Check out our Lobby, Martial Arts Store, and two training studios, and of course our wall of fame pictures.

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